Our Product Range

Our product range consists of 2.1 Amp Wall Chargers, Multifunction Car Adapters for android and IPhone, Charge & Sync data cables for most popular handset devices such as “IPhone 4/ IPhone 5/ IPhone 6/ IPhone 7 and the latest IPhone 8 devices, Samsung / HTC / Sony / Huawei, USB Type C cables etc.

We also offer a unique multi coloured range of High Quality Earphones with volume control, Power Banks 1800 -2000 MAH in various colours and much more…..

We at Smart Bits, work very closely with our retailing partners to ensure their needs are met in line with customer demand.

Direct Sourcing

We at Smart Bits, ensure that all our products are manufactured bespoke for us, through an extensive network of manufacturing partners strategically located across the globe.

We source these products directly, and no third party or agency are involved in this process. This allows us to eliminate any or all “middle men” which all other suppliers rely on.

This key factor allows us to bring the best quality bespoke product to market at the most competitive prices)


At Smart Bits, product quality is our number 1 priority. Not only are our products certified to the highest possible conformance standards, we also have teams on the ground regularly visiting all manufacturing facilities, to ensure certification standards are ALWAYS adhered to.